Current R&D:

Hybrid modelling aids are currently being used to help clients develop cars, boats, fine furniture, classic natural geometry and fine filigree in Ar including work for complex geometry in canvas structures, landmark structures (sculptures) and fine or modern furniture.

Algorithms are employed to populate surfaces, with repeat object tiling for aesthetic quality and material property enhancements.

Multi object automation for building envelopes, using net development for 2D to 3D CNC production, continues in work across the UK, including programming in Grasshopper Visual Algorithms for Rhino, Python and other codes for adaptive and generative parametric design.

Hybrid models creating roughing up 3D sketch and 2D detailed design for production are also in use for clients with BIM guidance and strategy for a hybrid approach to modelling for hard roofing and facade design.

Auto scheduling technology, gives more time, closer to Press, for alterations in customisation: for example, the use of Parametric design for transfer of 2D developed fabrication geometry, from complex sculptural 3D canvas structures for sculptural skins and furniture, product design and architectural design development.

Recent Work:

Parametric tools for Origin Furniture, using Grasshopper for Rhino MAC. Click here to see Vimeo.

Parametric Ply' for STAC Architects Nandos Teeside interiors: Sculptural furniture for STAC Architects. Click here to view.

Using state-of-the-art technology to provide valuable iterations from the overall solutions envelope, enabling a product to develop throughout every stage and level of a business, we use hybrid systems of parametric design linked with a tacit network of drivers for simple algorithms to craft fine 3D products through parameters of making, function and production.

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