About Design DNA
"Good design is quality for life".

Typically, projects range from independent industrial design, to where fine art meets state of the art production.

Design Services:

  • Parametric, interactive and adaptable CAD modelling tools
  • Sculptural surface and complex structure design development
  • Multi-object automation for production and construction
    • (Including tensile canvas structures and organic hard roofing)
  • Automation for production, construction and assembly
  • Multi and repeat object surface decoration

In establishing a link between the end-users experience and a quality production. Parametric design gives you the ability to engineer and detail your product up until press.

Areas of Work:

  • Furniture - Sculpture - Art - Architecture
  • Product - Industrial - Automotive and Marine design
  • Silverware Figurine and Jewellery Design and Production
  • Code - Script / Algorithm Development
  • Click here to see "Pitched Hard-roofing award winner 2019" : Grantley Hall


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